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Margie Binker Instructor

Margie Binker, Instructor

Margie learned to sew from her mother as a young child and has had a lifelong love affair with the sewing machine and fabric. But she did not begin quilting until 2009. Since then, she has dabbled in a variety of styles. She describes herself as someone with an eclectic perspective utilizing techniques from such quilt genres as modern, traditional, improvisational, three dimensional and art to create items that are pleasing to her. She loves teaching quilting to others to help them learn basic skills, trust their personal sense of style, move beyond their comfort zone, and forgive their perceived mistakes so they can love what they create.

Linda Kennedy Instructor

Linda Kennedy, Instructor

Linda’s father taught her how to sew just as he had learned from his father, a tailor in Indiana. As she grew, she loved working with different fabrics and colors. In college she got her first degree in Adult Education and then worked with many adults as they learned new skills. After she moved to Reno in 2000 and took her first quilting class, this creative endeavor became an integral part of her life. Over the years since she has grown to love the creativity that comes with each project and new technique. She started as a traditional quilter and has grown to love all styles. She is excited to put her knowledge and experience to use providing an environment where quilters can learn, grow, and explore their creativity.